At first Alexander "Alex" O'Hirn is just a petty crook, seen working with Flint Marko under orders of the Big Man. He is captured by Spider-Man with ease times and time again, which increases his annoyance and hatred of Spider-Man. Unlike his partner, money is a secondary interest to him, his primary one being revenge.

He later becomes one of OsCorp's guinea pig-supervillains and is bonded with a thick titanium resin armor, transforming him into a giant being who bears strong characteristics to a Rhinoceros, calling himself the Rhino. After a fierce battle, Spider-Man defeated Rhino by overheating him using the sewer's steam pipes, since the impenetrable armor makes it difficult for O'Hirn to sweat properly. Thereafter, the web-slinger asks him who the Big Man really is and learns from a mildly delusional Rhino that he is actually none other but the respected businessman L. Thompson Lincoln.

Rhino escaped Ryker's Island and fought Spider-Man as a member of the Sinister Six, but was defeated when he was accidentally hit by Shocker and Electro at the same time. They were then returned to prison, but subsequently escaped from prison (again) and were recruited by Master Planner to join the new Sinister Six. He and Sandman attacked Spider-Man after Electro's defeat. Luring Rhino onto the ice-covered bay, Spider-Man throws him an oxygen tank telling him he'll need it (to which he coldly replies to the web head ,"I hate you... so much") as Rhino falls through the ice. Master Planner had him extracted at the last minute.

He continued to work on-and-off for Octavius once he was outed as the Master Planner. The good doctor gave him info concerning the releases of a microchip with blueprints to create more of him. This spurred the Rhino on to destroy it before a crime lord could get their hands on it, so he could remain unique. He even temporarily teamed up with Spider-Man to fight Hammerhead and Silver Sable. The chip was destroyed, though it was later revealed to be a fake. He is later seen inside of Ryker's Vault, and attempted to gain revenge on Spider-Man when he became entrapped there, but was unable to.