Market Forces Spider-Man
  • Abilities: Shock Wave Gloves
  • Secret Idenitiy: Montana

Montana is the field leader of the Enforcers and is a trained mercenary. Despite his criminal activities, he is very much a professional, having no personal grudge with Spider-Man, just considering it his responsibility to bring him down. Though Spider-Man's antics can wear on his nerves (and frequently do). He speaks with a southern accent and enjoys wearing a cowboy hat when out of uniform.

After the failure of Fancy Dan and Ox, Montana chased Spider-Man down with the helicopter until Spider-Man blew out the rear rudder with Vulture's wing. Montana managed to escape capture while Spider-Man was busy with Vulture, eluding capture by the police.

During one of his subsequent criminal activities, in which he then stole technology from TriCorp, he then underwent a transformation into the villain Shocker under Hammerhead's orders. As the Shocker, he was able to defeat Spider-Man with relative ease. After realizing he didn't kill Spider-Man he fought him again at a condemned theater. Spider-Man was able to defeat him by literally bringing the house down on top of him. He was shown webbed up with his costume on the ground as the police arrived.

Montana as Shocker joined the Sinister Six to finish his mission, though he found the amateur attitudes of teammates and their short-sightedness irritating, and had hoped to call in for the okay to ditch them at one point. He was once again defeated after Spider-Man removed his gauntlets and overloaded his suit, and knocked him unconscious with the symbiote's power.

Shocker later appeared alongside Richocet and Ox as part of the New Enforcers. His team was assembled to pilfer some gold, and very nearly got away with it (to say nothing of finally killing Spider-Man) but Hammerhead betrayed the team, and they were arrested. They were later seen inside of Ryker's Vault, and attempted to gain revenge on Spider-Man when he became entrapped there, but were unable to.

It seems Montana is the actual owner of the Big Sky Billiard Room, though Blackie Gaxton works as his manager. However, when the bar is accidentally destroyed in a brawl between Spidey and Molten Man in the episode "Subtext," Gaxton is somewhat wary of Montana's reaction after finding out, saying: "Montana's not gonna be happy..."

He also seems to be constantly saying "Squash the Bug", to which Spidey asks if he knows any other tunes.